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In the first two posts of this series, I argued that confessions are useful for the way in which they facilitate a disciplined church life: office bearers are bound to uphold confessional teaching; and their power is thus delimited by their subscription, something maintained by transparent processes of accountability. In this third post, I want to ... Keep Reading

Confessions provide protection from tyranny and accountability.... Keep Reading

Confessional Christians are those who are disciplined by their confession.... Keep Reading

The Ordering of Public Worship

September 10, 2012 | by: Jerry Koerkenmeier | 0 Comments

The PCA Directory for Worship (Part III in our Book of Church Order) contains many helpful directions for the worship of God and our preparation for it. Chapter 49 gives an introduction to the way the public worship service is to be ordered: When the congregation is to meet for public worship, the people (having before prepared their hearts ther... Keep Reading

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